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Tips for Getting The Cheap Car Insurance You Deserve

Posted September 22, 2013 | Filed under topic Auto Insurance Buying Tips

There isn’t a driver out there that doesn’t believe they’re not paying more than they should be for their car insurance. The problem is that most are not willing to do the research necessary to ensure that they are getting the best deal possible for their car. There are many avenues to take to find out what cheap car insurance options are available to you and before you purchase your next plan, here are some tips that you can use to get the cheap car insurance you deserve.

A Breakdown of the Car Insurance Options

Before you decide on how and where to get cheap car insurance, you should be aware that there are tree types of general insurance to choose from and there are advantages and disadvantages to all of them. You should research them all thoroughly to ascertain what type of coverage you will be getting once you decide on one.

Third Party Car Insurance as a Cheap Car Insurance Option

In order to legally drive on any roads, you will need to at least have what is referred to as third party car insurance. Although usually a cheap car insurance option compared to the other two plans, this is not necessarily the case and all the more reason to check thoroughly before you decide on any type of insurance. Third party insurance covers the damage you inflict upon someone else’s car if you are involved in an accident as well as any passengers that may be in the other car. This means that any repairs that need to be done to your car will have to be paid out of your own pocket instead of your car insurance company. The reasoning behind third party car insurance is that your car holds less value to you than a more expensive vehicle. Third party car insurance is most popular with cars that are less expensive, for drivers under the age of 25 years and live in an area that is classified as a high risk.

Fully Comprehensive Car Insurance

Offering the most expansive coverage and many times the cheapest car insurance available, full comprehensive car insurance covers all cars involved in an accident, as well as all injury costs associated. If you own a more expensive car, then fully comprehensive car insurance is your best option. Before you automatically begin assuming that fully comprehensive insurance will be the most costly option, it is important to get a quote for third party insurance as well as it may be slightly lower.

Other factors that can dictate how much you pay for your fully comprehensive car insurance include the number of speeding tickets you ave accumulated, as well as where you park the car, and where in the city you park it. Depending on the number of offenses you have, these can dramatically increase your rate per month by as much as 30%.

Finding cheap car insurance does not have to be a burden. With a bit of detective work and a bit of good luck acquiring cheap car insurance that won’t leave you broke is well within your reach.

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