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Basics to Finding a Good Self-Employed Health Insurance

Posted September 8, 2013 | Filed under topic Health Insurance Information

You do not need self-employed health insurance if you are not considered self-employed. You can’t be an employer if you want this type of insurance. This will decline you from insurance companies.

How to know?

You should know if you’re self-employed. If not, it’s easy to determine whether you are or not. If you run a money-generating business with no employees other than yourself, then you’re considered self-employed.

If you hire others to do work for you, then you’re considered an employer. You do not need self-employed health insurance if you’re an employer.

Types of Self-Employed Health Insurance

There are several types of them. They all have their pros and cons. Some are good, some aren’t that good. Let’s have a look at the different types.

Private Health Insurance

Private health insurance is usually out of the considered budget for many people. They used to deny people with pre-existing health problems. However, they can’t deny you now because of the Affordable Care Act. This states that all people with pre-existing conditions cannot be denied by applicants trying to get private health insurance.

Group Health Insurance

This type of health insurance is where you work part-time workplace that offers benefits to it’s part-time employees. You must search hard, as most employers only offer benefits to their part-time employees.

This, by far, is the cheapest way to go with your health insurance. You just get a deduction from your part-time job’s paycheck, and you have this paid for. This is usually the best option when looking for health insurance if you’re self-employed.

Government Insurance

Another type of self-employed health insurance is government insurance. There are several types of these insurance plans.

The first type of government plan is high-risk pools. This is for people who have been denied health insurance or have had an offer for an expensive insurance plan. This plan varies greatly by state, and some states don’t even offer it. You must check with your state before you can apply for this type of insurance to find out their plans, or if they even exist in your state.

Another type of health insurance sponsored through the government is called VA insurance. This is for people who have a service-related disability. Several health conditions may qualify for a service-related disability. Sometimes, they even accept diabetes as a service-related disability. However, you must have served in Vietnam in order to qualify for this type of government insurance.

The final type of health insurance through the government is called pre-existing conditions service plans. In order to qualify for this type of insurance, you must have been denied by two or more health insurance providers, and have had absolutely no coverage for the past six months. Also, only specified places will take this type of insurance, such ans veterinary hospitals, veterinary wellness centers, etc.


Now that you know all of the different types of self-employed health insurance, your next quest will be to find a good provider.

In order to look for a good provider, there are three steps in what to look for in a quality provider. These are reputation, affordability, and needs supplied (RAN).

R (Reputation)

Reputation is probably the most important thing to look for when looking to purchase a new health insurance plan. Look up reviews of the certain health insurance plan you want. Look at other people’s experiences that they’ve had with that specific health insurance company.

Do not simply read the reviews that the website owner put on the website. These can be misleading, and the author definitely isn’t going to put reviews who point out the negatives about their insurance company.

A (Affordability)

This is common knowledge that almost everybody looks for when purchasing anything new. Even when a child wants a new toy, “What’s the price of it?” the child’s mother will reply. Everybody is concerned about money. This is why you must be sure you’re getting cheap self-employed health insurance.

Do not be fooled by outstandingly low prices though. They may have hidden fees, or they may have very little coverage in their plans. Look for a plan that has the coverage you need with a budget you can afford.

N (Needs)

Make sure that the health insurance company plan you choose provides coverage that meets your needs. Do not carry out a plan with a company that doesn’t cover everything you’d like them to. It’s their job to provide you with the health coverage that you need.


In summary, you need to know if you’re self-employed or not. You also need to know the types of companies, and know the pros, cons, and qualifications for all of them. Finally, you need to examine the company and plan you choose using the RAN system.

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